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You'll hear candid conversations with industry leaders, successful agents, coaches, and productivity experts who use artificial intelligence to generate more leads in less time.

Mar 21, 2023

When we want to reach and surpass the seven-figure mark, we’re taught to hustle harder to get there, but what if we could grow by deploying capital and relationships? 


How we achieve our goals comes down to the mindset we have, and if we adjust that, we can accelerate our wealth without working harder.


In this...

Mar 7, 2023

Since ChatGPT hit the streets, nothing has been the same, and we’re only just starting to scratch the surface of what it can do for our industry. But a piece of technology is only as powerful as how we use it, and AI is no different. 


There are things we can do to make the content ChatGPT produces better. How do we...