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Aug 25, 2020

There’s a 20-year age gap between the average Realtor and millennial. Even though millennials now make up the majority of real estate transactions, there’s still a huge disconnect between expectation and reality with the agents on the ground.


Millennials think, function and make decisions differently, and Realtors are conflicted by this new dynamic. Instead of paying attention to the habits of these consumers and adapting what we do, many agents make the process of buying and selling increasingly frustrating. 


If we want our real estate businesses to have a long-term value proposition, adapting to millennial clients is non-negotiable. What are the key things millennials are looking for in the process of buying and selling a home? Where are Realtors falling short and what can we do about it? 


In this episode, I’m joined by Bobby Bryant, CEO and founder of Proptech company DOSS. He shares how his company is meeting the needs of millennials, and what it takes to be relevant as an agent in today’s world.


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- Why many Realtors can’t crack the millennial market
The average Realtor is in their 50s, while the average home buyer and seller today is in their early-30s. There’s a huge disconnect between the two and it’s not just in age. Many Realtors don’t have empathy for millennials, which makes it hard to connect with them or provide a service that addresses their concerns.


- The one thing Realtors keep getting wrong
One of the biggest mistakes Realtors make is thinking the real estate interaction and transaction is all about them. It’s important that we stop trying to shift millennials to do real estate the way we want, and start to shift what we do to suit their expectations. This is the only way we remain relevant. 


- How to adapt our listings to the expectations of millennials
Find a way to make your listings evergreen and available for viewings 24/7. This doesn’t mean they have to see the home in person. We can leverage tech tools like virtual tours so buyers can take a look at the home whenever they want to.


Guest Bio- 


Bobby Bryant is the CEO and founder of DOSS, a Proptech company that's democratizing the real estate industry via a Digital Real Estate Brokerage that's developing a Voice-Activated Intelligent Assistant built into a proprietary real estate search and transactional platform to empower BUYERS, RENTERS, and SELLERS to ask any question about any property in the world to get accurate, easy, and instant answers 24/7. 


Architecturally built on an Intelligent-Interface, consumers are able to access everything there is to know about a particular property by speaking, texting, or typing their questions into any Desktop, Smart-Speaker, and Smartphone to search, schedule property tours, digitally submit offers, negotiate price, and much more. 

For more information visit or email You can also follow @realbobbybryant on Twitter.