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May 14, 2019

Most entrepreneurs are told that they have to specialize and focus when it comes to finding a niche, but we have to apply this concept to every area of our lives. How do we clean house in our lives and let go of behaviors that delay our progress? What are some of the values we need to uphold as entrepreneurs, and the inner hurdles we need to remove?

On this episode, I’m joined by, author, speaker and wealth strategist, Danielle Pierce as we discuss our journeys and experiences as women, mothers and entrepreneurs.

Consistency is doing what needs to be done, regardless of how you feel about it. -Danielle Pierce

3 Takeaways


  • As an entrepreneur think of the specific problem you solve for people first. That will help you determine what you will sell.
  • Before you start to promoting yourself, do the work internally to overcome your fears, doubts and insecurities. They can make navigating the business world a lot harder.
  • Helping people is great but don’t make yourself a “Master of the Universe” in the process. You’ll burn yourself out, cripple people, and end up with people who resent you.

We also discussed:

  • Things you have to let go of in order to succeed
  • The importance of spending time with yourself and doing your inner work
  • How to eliminate things that aren’t helping you progress

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t just about the elimination of a corporate job we don’t like, it's also the elimination of things that aren’t serving us and actions that aren’t giving us the results we want. Specializing isn’t just about making business easier, it’s about being focused on one goal. Very often, we have to take a long hard look at ourselves and realize that not doing our own internal work holds us back, and when we do it, business and life will only get better.