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Jan 5, 2021

When it comes to marketing, we’re often so focused on the individual aspects that we overlook how all the pieces fit together to create a memorable customer experience. 


By focusing on the whole customer experience, we can create joy, build loyalty, get repeat business, and build a strong connection with people. 


Everything we do in marketing should be about showing value to our customers, and being authentic and personable so that they genuinely get to know, like, and trust us. 


Why is email marketing so important in business right now? What parts of the customer journey can we change and improve? In today’s episode, I’m joined by sought-after speaker, author, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Founding Moms, Jill Salzman. She talks about the most important marketing elements business owners often ignore.  

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 

Why authenticity and vulnerability set us apart 
The foundation of marketing in 2021 is a personal relationship and connection. People want authenticity and realness from the people they do business with. If we want them to hire us, they have to be able to know, like, and trust us. This happens when we’re personable, engaging, and true to ourselves on social media. 

The power of email 
Don’t underestimate the power of email and nurturing your mailing list. Email marketing has the power to change a lot of businesses. If we dial in the content, the frequency of our emails, and our efforts to grow the list, we can deepen our customer relationships. 

How to gain insight into your customer’s journey
Many entrepreneurs don’t know their customers well enough or their customer’s personal journey, which keeps them from growing their business. Take yourself through your own customer experience from the first interaction to the final sale. It’s the only way to see if there’s anything missing or something we have to improve on.


Guest Bio- 

Jill Salzman is a sought-after speaker, author, the founder of The Founding Moms, the world’s first and only global collective of offline masterminds and online resources for mom entrepreneurs.

A graduate of Brown University and law school after that, she started Paperwork Media, a music management firm, and her first entrepreneurial venture. (Her parents still wonder why she opted for the music business over the seductive and alluring career of a bankruptcy attorney.) She went on to create The Bumble Brand LLC to sell Bumble Bells, audible ankle wear for the newest of human beings (she sold it in 2011.) Having built two successful companies, she launched The Founding Moms to connect mom entrepreneurs around the globe with one another and help them get down to business.

Jill has been featured in national media outlets including the New York Times, CNN’s Headline News, People Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Daily Candy Kids, Business Matters, WGN TV, and WAHM Talk Radio. Her TED talk, Why Moms Make The Best Entrepreneurs, received rave reviews. She was named one of the Top 50 Women To Watch In Tech and a Top 100 Champion Small Business Influencer.

Forbes called The Founding Moms one of the Top 10 Websites for Women Entrepreneurs, CNNMoney calls Jill a “Mommy Mogul,” and she was dubbed a “ Cool Mom Entrepreneur We Love” by MSN Live. She released her first book, Found It: A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs, in 2012 through Piggott Press, and The Best Business Book In The World (according to my mom) in 2018. She co-hosts Forbes’ top-rated entertaining business podcast, Breaking Down Your Business and she’s launched a Tip Top Tips video series for entrepreneurs.

For more information visit, send an email to and follow @foundingmom on Instagram or connect on Facebook