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Sep 24, 2019

A key part of using social media to get more sales is to get in front of more people, and right now Facebook and Instagram Stories are where people are hanging out and making connections. How do we choose where to post our stories? What kind of content can we create and how do we create engagement? How do we turn the connections we make on Stories into leads?

On this episode, broker, CEO and social media expert, Barbara Betts shares how real estate agents can turn Instagram stories into a powerful relationship-building tool.


3 Takeaways

  • The easiest content strategy to use with Instagram Stories is to document our day. There are many interesting things we do as Realtors that our clients would love to see. 

  • The better we feel about yourself, the more we’re going to post.
  • If we’re too scared to post a video of ourselves speaking to the camera, we can start with baby steps. Take videos of something else while talking, or go on camera with someone else. 


Instagram has over a billion monthly users, and a huge percentage of those people are viewing Instagram stories. As Realtors we can take advantage of all the eyeballs on Instagram stories and use it to not only put out content that makes us relatable; but to create conversations, connections and stay top of mind. The people who engage with our content are the ones who are interested in what we’re doing and we can take these relationships offline. Through stories, we have a great opportunity to put ourselves out there authentically and sell more effectively.