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Nov 12, 2019

When it comes to choosing the best platforms to invest our time, effort and money into, Instagram offers a high return. It gives us the opportunity to entertain and educate, set ourselves apart, and establish our own unique visual brand in the market. What kind of content should we be creating on Instagram to achieve our goals? Where should we be focusing our energy within Instagram? What hacks and tools can we employ to become social media masters? On this episode, closing attorney and social media expert, Jack O’Donohue shares his top strategies and tactics for Instagram success.


3 Takeaways

  • Stories is where the attention is right now on Instagram. If we post to our regular feed, we run the risk that people aren’t going to invest time in our content. 
  • Use social media to attract millennials, and turn them into lifelong clients. We can build a relationship with them in their mid-twenties and grow with them as they move into the property market. 
  • Focused interest leads to focused sales. If someone is watching our videos all the way through, those are our strongest leads.


Guest Bio- 

Jack O'Donohue is a closing attorney, social media expert, and the managing partner at Touchstone Closing. He accelerates operational efficiency at every turn, using the best available technology to simplify the closing process. He distributes and creates content involving the latest information and trends in the mortgage, real estate, and legal sectors.

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