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Apr 30, 2019

The biggest challenge agents face in social selling is the belief that we have to be a certain persona to succeed, but that misses the point of technology entirely. How should we leverage technology to boost our businesses? How do we show our clients that we care using social media? What are some of the tools we can use to be more engaged and active online?

On this episode, I’m joined by EXIT Realty’s Vice President of Technology Engagement, Annette Anthony, who shares what we can do to separate ourselves from other agents. 

Technology has given us the opportunity to enrich what we do and highlight who we are as people. -Annette Anthony

3 Takeaways

  • Hone in on who you are, be comfortable in your own skin and really highlight who that is online. 
  • When we are doing our work, meeting and talking to people, many nuggets and pieces of information are thrown at us. We need to take that content and share it with the world because it has value. 
  • Mobile business cards are a way to give out our information to people and make it easy for them to download our contact information. We’ll no longer have to worry about running out of cards.


We also discussed:

  • The kind of content we can create.
  • How messaging utilization has surpassed the utilization of social media and technology.
  • Alexa Flash Briefings and how to use them.


Social media is not about being a certain personality or playing a role—it’s actually the opposite. It should be a tool for us to be ourselves and highlight what makes us unique and what we care about. As real estate professionals, we should be striving for being known for providing value, mentorship and improving lives. Social media is our way to do this seamlessly and sustainably.