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Jun 18, 2019

Creating good video content can seem intimidating if you have no experience or on-camera confidence. How do you determine the kind of content you should be creating? What steps can you take to feel more comfortable on camera? How can you create content for different platforms?

On this episode, I’m joined by expert videographer and one of Chicago’s Top Real Estate Video Marketers, Justin Barr, who shares helpful insights and tips for mastering live video.

It's really about figuring out what you are, what your brand represents, and then creating content around that of brand targeting the correct audience. - Justin Barr


3 Takeaways

  • 2-3% of your database on social media is interested in buying and selling. The rest of the people want entertaining, valuable, and inspiring content.
  • If your brand is more educational, do an educational series. If you want to be more about showing off personality, opt for attention-grabbing content.
  • Equipment for making videos on the go: a lavalier mic, good lighting, and a tripod to stabilize your video.

We also discussed;

  • Why having good audio is so important
  • The importance of telling a story
  • How to fill curiosity gaps


The way to grow your database and generate leads is not to talk only about houses. You should show off your personality and interests because that’s what attracts people. In order to make really unforgettable video content, you have to know what your brand is and the kinds of content your target audience responds to, and then create it. Always remember that the goal is to bring value and make an emotional impact.