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May 7, 2019

The goal of a real estate agent is to turn the people they talk to into deep, meaningful relationships, and that’s impossible to do without a solid lead capture plan. When it comes to capturing leads, what kind of information do we need to collect to increase our chances of getting a sale? Why should our goal be to personalize the information we put out to people, and how does the quality of our lead capture influence this?

On this episode, ActiveCampaign Director of Education, Chris Davis, talks about the building blocks of lead conversion.

We’re not just trading emails and names. We’re really exchanging valuable information for attention. -Chris Davis

3 Takeaways

  • Your first investment should be your contact relationship management. There’s a lot of information you need to centralize in order to close the deal. If you can’t centralize the info, you won’t be able to personalize it.
  • When creating a landing page, the questions we put should answer themselves. They should lead them down the thinking process. How we frame the question is going to lead to their probability of filling out the most accurate information.
  • Social media isn’t for us to share what we’re doing, it’s for us to share what we know and what we do.

We also discussed:

  • Why attention naturally declines in marketing
  • How to centralize to personalize
  • Why we need to capitalize on video


In this business, we’re not just collecting names. We’re giving valuable information in exchange for attention, and the amount and quality of attention we get is determined by how personalized our message is. Our outbound communication is only as good as the information we’ve captured, and that goes back to our lead capture, the kinds of questions we ask, and how we ask them. Additionally, we need to have a centralized place to collect this information, because that increases our chances of having the right information that will trigger a sale.