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Sep 6, 2022

For real estate agents who’ve never lived through a recessionary market, what’s happening right now isn’t just new, it’s terrifying.


As a result, the gap between experienced agents and newer agents grows wider, and a lot of people are frustrated, exhausted and struggling to make any headway in their business. 


How do we close this gap and grow our business? What entrepreneurial ventures can we add to our businesses for more stability? 

In this episode, agent and author of “Selling Your Home: A Seller's Journey to Selling a Home”, Janine Sasso joins me for a hot seat episode where we talk about the market, and how to stay mentally engaged in our businesses when things get tough.



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- How to safeguard your energy when the market is shaky

Why are mental clarity and physical endurance so critical to getting through a challenging market? 


- The root of a lot of agent negativity 

Is there more to the unhappiness a lot of agents are feeling in this market? 


- The easiest way to stabilize your real estate business

How can we easily launch an apparel business by leveraging on-demand services?



Guest Bio


Janine Sasso is a real estate agent serving the Chicago Area and author of “Selling Your Home: A Seller's Journey to Selling a Home”. 

Connect with her on Instagram, LinkedIn or purchase her book here.