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Feb 21, 2023

Real estate agents have to reach out to hundreds or even thousands of people, while still making each message personalized and tailored to each consumer. The moment our messaging feels canned, templatized, or too general, it won’t connect or convert. 


This used to be really hard to do at scale, but now thanks to AI, we can reach many people with customized, personalized messaging. 


How can we leverage AI to make our email marketing more effective? 


In this episode, the founder and CEO of Scout, Drew Fabrikant shares how they are making email marketing easier for agents.



Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- How to connect one-on-one at scale

How can we use AI to make our audience feel like we’ve done our homework? 


- How to improve your AI inputs

If we use AI tools to generate language, how do we ensure it perfectly fits the audience we’re crafting it for? 


- More ways to leverage AI in real estate

How can team leaders and brokers leverage AI to recruit the best talent?



Guest Bio


Drew Fabrikant is the founder and CEO of Scout, a platform that allows you to engage your ideal customers, 10x faster, with the power of AI. 

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