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Jan 7, 2020

There are so many things that can hold us back from success, but many of these manifest from our thoughts and actions. How do we overcome our own internal limitations and unlock massive growth? What are the 3 key behaviors that define successful people? On this episode, coach, consultant and founder of Be Great Global, Anita AC Clinton, shares her success journey, and how to boldly go after your goals. 


3 Takeaways

Negative self-talk can be enough to stop us from going after our dreams, but if we take action, we can counteract it. 


When we’re doing what we’re called to do, it’s effortless, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have to work. We will still need to put effort towards what we want to achieve. 


There’s a strategy for doing anything we want to in our business. Once we know what we want to do and how to do it, achieving it becomes easier. 


At the start of the show, we talked about how working together, changed my life and Anita’s life 15 years ago, and the power of building a business that matches our personalities without suffocating us. Next, we talked about overcoming the fear of being great, the value of teaching people how to treat you, the importance of focus and planning out your social media specifically.  


We also discussed;

  • How to focus on your zone of greatness 
  • Why action overpowers negative self-talk 
  • The value of attaching strategy to our goals


Guest Bio- 

Anita is a speaker, coach, consultant and the founder of Be Great Global. She has 18-years of creative design, brand development, marketing, editorial and business development experience. 

She exists to help DREAMERs transition to GAME-CHANGERS.

For more information visit and follow @ACClinton1 on social media.