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Jul 30, 2019

Many real estate agents post content on Facebook and expect leads to come in and clients to just get in touch. Why is it important for us to seek them out? How can we create content that is the perfect opening for us to reach out? How can we use social media engagement to create leads?

On this episode, I talk to my podcast producer and Pursuing Results CEO, Matt Johnson. We talk about how we can boost our business by having more conversations online.

If all you did was have regular, non- real estate conversations with the top 150 people in your database, you will have more business. -Matt Johnson 



  • Social media is a conversation starter. Use it to reach out to the people who watch your content.
  • When you do Facebook Lives, you can look back at who watched and commented on your video and you can re-engage these people by sending the voice or video messages.
  • It’s better to have 20 people watch your video than it is to have 1,000 views. It’s harder to reach out to people when there are so many of them.
  • Engage and respond to comments strategically throughout the day. If you're going to reply to comments don't reply to all of them at once. Just spread them out a little bit.


Posting content is just step one of an effective social selling strategy. Just throwing content out there and expecting it to come back in the form of an instant sale doesn’t just happen. What we should be doing is putting out content and then re-engaging with the people who comment on it. We should always be looking for opportunities to have conversations with people so we can add them to our database. When we build relationships, those people become our advocates, and our champions, and the people who will refer us.