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May 18, 2021

Are we in a low inventory market where it’s impossible to get listings, or are we just in a market that requires a different approach


Agents who are complaining about a lack of inventory in the market are buying into a false perception and talking themselves out of a job. In the very same marketplace, there are agents who are generating seller leads, and even listings. 


What sets them apart is mindset, action and being able to lead sellers out of fear and into confidence and clarity. 


What factors are driving the perception of a difficult market? How do we find the opportunities in this market? 


In this episode, I’m joined by International Speaker, Trainer and Bestselling Author of Success with Listings: How to Find, Secure and Sell More Listings, Knolly Williams. 


He shares how to navigate the current market, his 46-step listing system and how to help sellers overcome the fear of listing their homes.

Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


The three buckets of listings you need to go after 

How do we ensure success, relevance and scalability by making the bold decision to become listing specialists?


The best script any agent can use right now 

What statement do we need to remove from our vocabulary if we want to separate ourselves from the agents who are complaining about low inventory? 


How to get your unfair share of the market 

You receive what you affirm in your business, how do you stop worrying about other agents and focus on the competition that really matters? 


Why the low inventory market is a perception we can change 

How do you empower sellers to see possibilities in the market using Knolly’s brilliant “trial listing” strategy?