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Apr 5, 2022

Real estate agents operate as independent contractors, and while that has many benefits, we miss out on so many financial opportunities when we haven’t registered a business entity that’s separate from us. 


By changing how our businesses are set up, we can get access to a vast number of advantages that will take our businesses to the next level. 


You’ll look more professional, present yourself with a clearer and more cohesive brand, but most of all, you can get business credit. But how do you start this process when it feels so overwhelming? 


Today I’m joined by a young Realtor and entrepreneur who laid out the entire process on TikTok, and now he has over 50,000 views. In this episode, Vincent Roofe shows us exactly how to establish a business entity that allows us to get credit and more.


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- The power of business credit that’s separate from us

How does a legal business entity shield our personal credit rating from taking a hit? 


- How to raise capital without bringing any money to the table

Vincent is a 25-year old college student - how was he able to raise money for a number of businesses? 


- Ways to get the money we need for our businesses

Can you acquire business credit without revenue?



Guest Bio

Vincent Roofe is a Howard University student, entrepreneur and Realtor. His video on establishing a legal business entity has garnered almost 54,000 views on TikTok. For more information, follow @roofetherealtor on Instagram.