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Mar 3, 2020

In the world of social selling, it has actually been proven that video content makes a bigger impact for our audiences. How does this impact extend beyond just marketing ourselves and our businesses? How can we differentiate ourselves in our marketplace? Why does video content increase the value sellers and even buyers get? In this episode, agent and video marketing pioneer, Anne Jones shares on branding, her favorite digital hacks and the importance of putting systems behind our marketing. 

3 Takeaways

Real estate is built around a very photogenic product, and that makes it a natural entry point for video marketing. 

Even in a market where homes get sold quickly, marketing is still necessary. We can increase the profit margin for our clients through marketing, and get more qualified leads from impactful content. 

Sellers want to see their home presented fully and in the best possible light, and buyers 
also want to make a connection with a home before they buy it. Video helps us achieve both of these goals.


Guest Bio- 

Anne Jones is the owner of Windermere Abode, a boutique real estate office in North Tacoma’s Old Town neighborhood. 

@TacomaJones on Instagram, call 253.444.8481 or find her podcast ‘Inside Abode’ on iTunes.