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Jan 10, 2023

Real estate is a competitive space, and with the market swaying, a lot of agents are going back to cold calling to get business. While cold calling works for many Realtors, many people need a different mindset about it.


How can shifting our mindset about cold calling directly impact our results?


How can we make cold calling fun, and use it to grow?


In this episode, Head of Sales at Humantic AI Collin Mitchell joins me to discuss how he made over 500,000 cold calls in his career, what the perfect script looks like and how cold-calling can actually be enjoyable.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- How to open a cold call

The opening to your cold call is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your conversation so how do you find one that works for you?


- Fine-tuning your cold-calling

How does being consistent help us perfect conversations?


- How to use personality insights to build relationships

Knowing your buyer's personality can help you be compatible with them, and understand what they value.



Guest Bio


Collin Mitchell is a 4x founder passionate about Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Podcasting. Collin is the Head of Sales at Humantic AI where they are helping sellers personalize the entire sales process to build more rapport and close more deals.


Collin is also the host of Sales Transformation. He started with nothing but managed to grow his first business from 0 to 5M ARR in 26 months! Collin has been in the Sales and Service (SaaS) Industry for 13 years.


Find Collin on LinkedIn @Collin Mitchell or visit