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Sep 17, 2019

While we’ve all had to deal with naysayers at some point in our lives, we also need to own up to the fact that sometimes, we might be our own naysayers- or worse- someone else’s. Even though we may think we’re ‘keeping it 100’ by being what we think is realistic about other people’s dreams, it’s important to remember that just like we can manifest our desires, so can the people we think we’re helping. 


When my son was accepted into Howard University, I told him I wouldn’t be able to afford his tuition. By giving him this dose of reality, I thought I was helping him. However, I later realized my language was hindering my child and his dreams. It dawned on me that he was capable of achieving his dream of graduating from Howard, and it wasn’t my place to put limitations on his abilities. I changed my negativity towards the situation and after 5 years, he completed his degree. 


As parents, we should be encouraging our children to reach their dreams by celebrating them and affirming their abilities.


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