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Dec 17, 2019

One of the things real estate agents have working in their favor is their local knowledge, but the problem is many of us aren’t leveraging that in our marketing and social media content. What strategy can we apply to grow our own local brands? On this episode, Director of Strategy at Shred Media, Jason Frazier shares how we can build awareness, relevance and develop true relationships in our local markets. 

3 Takeaways

Attention is currency, but that’s only the first step. After we gain attention we have to be relevant and then create an impact with your message so that we have staying power. 


Most agents avoid an online presence because they think only millennials use social media. The truth is millennials aren’t the only ones going online, even older consumers are using social media.


If our goal in real estate is a long term career and legacy, we should embrace social media to become and remain relevant.


Guest Bio- 

Jason Frazier is an author, speaker, coach, podcast host and Director of Strategy at Shred Media.