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Feb 7, 2019

Referrals are the backbone of our businesses, but generating them can seem like a real uphill battle. How do we identify someone with a referral personality? What can we do to become champions of other people, and have conversations that lead to ambassadors and raving referrals? How can we grade our database to figure out our most powerful relationships? On this episode, I’m joined by author of The Seven Levels of Communication, Michael Maher to talk about finding the multipliers in our database, zero-cost options for generating referrals, and differentiating ourselves on generosity, appreciation, and love.


An ambassador is someone who speaks highly of you and refers you willingly. -Michael Maher   


At the start of the show, Michael described how he defines an ambassador, and why some people will never be comfortable with giving a referral. Next, we talked about what it takes to become a champion of others, and the value of helping people reach their goals. We also talked about how to identify ambassadors and potential champions in our database.


Michael also shared on:

  • 8-10 questions you can cover in a one-on-one
  • How to go from transactional to relational communication.
  • The power of question reciprocity and why it’s important to know it

Personal ambassadors are rare but they are certainly worth the search. They are the people that will multiply our relationships, reach and impact. But they don’t just show up on their own, we have to nurture them by giving value, and caring about them because that bleeds into the questions we ask, the things we say and the way we treat them. Ultimately, it’s about being strategic and tactical with direct methods that lead to a conversation that leads to referrals.