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Apr 18, 2019

The real estate industry has matured to a point where agents are becoming commodities. While this is good for the consumer, it's difficult for real estate agents who have to set themselves apart. Why is it so important to leverage video in order to build deeper relationships? What is the toughest objection agents have to overcome and how can you handle it? How can you use technology along with face-to-face interaction to convert at a higher level?

On this episode, I’m joined by iconic sales trainer and speaker, David Knox, who shares on winning strategies to stay ahead in the real estate game.

Step out of familiarity-building into direct prospecting phone-to-phone, face-to-face, Zoom-to-Zoom. -David Knox  


3 Takeaways

Leverage video content. Five minutes of “show me” is worth five hours of “tell me”.

When it comes to dialogue, think PAID. Pause, Acknowledge, Isolate, and Discover.

Search hashtags in your local area to learn what your ideal client is interested in. Use the most relevant hashtags to connect with them.


At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of being the same person both online and offline. Next, we talked about the steps you need to take to handle the commission objection, and the 4 key points of dialogue. We also discussed why you still need to talk to people on the phone, or in person if you want to have a higher conversion rate.

We also discussed;

  • How to use hashtags to learn more about ideal clients in your area
  • Building familiarity vs. direct prospecting
  • Why social media should be used as an introduction


With real estate becoming more of a commodity, what truly separates agents is the level of service we give our clients. In order to fetch the commission we want, we have to deliver value that sets us apart and makes us different from everyone else. Our communication is very important in differentiating us. Whatever social media tools we use, we're still going to have the highest conversion rate if we pick up the phone and meet people. Social media is a great introduction, but we still need that in-person connection to really solidify the relationship.