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Sep 3, 2019

Real estate is one of very few business ventures where we can earn good money in a very short time, but to achieve this, we have to play the game right. What does someone looking to get into real estate need to know about getting licensed and becoming successful? Why is it so important for us to focus on a niche from the beginning?

On this episode, I talk to Lawrence Watkins, host of Black Business School. We discuss what it takes to succeed in real estate and how to get started. 


3 Takeaways

  • If we’re licensed in multiple states, choose one local area that we can go really deep on, and then in the other places, earn money through referral fees. 

  • A real estate licence is all about consumer protection, it does not teach us how to sell real estate effectively. For that, we need additional education. 

  • When building our network of real estate professionals, have more than one lender, each focusing on different niches and areas in our market.


Real estate is a powerful vehicle for financial freedom and success. From a money standpoint, it has a low barrier of entry. But just because it’s easy to get into the industry, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat it like a business. We have to go deep on a niche, because splitting our time diminishes our effectiveness, and we have to prioritize education and surround ourselves with the right people.