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Jan 21, 2020

Social media marketing is a money and time investment that generates leads and gets us in front of our ideal clients. However, to maximize our investments, we need to be creating the right content, and generally appealing to what the algorithms are looking for. How do we make use of all the information Facebook has to help us find the people who have the most demand for what we do? What kind of content should we avoid posting? What are some of the biggest missed opportunities on Facebook? On today’s episode, social media consultant, speaker, author and founder of Behind Your Curtain, Karen Liz Albert, shares high level tactics to leverage the algorithms and directly benefit our businesses. 

3 Takeaways

The Facebook algorithm promotes content that adds value. If we want our content to get in front of more people, we need to start posting what’s relevant to our target market, not necessarily about ourselves or real estate. 


There are two types of markets, the people that know us and the people who don’t know us yet. Our goal is for our content to be so good and so relevant to the algorithm that its reach extends past the people who know us to complete strangers. 


When the Facebook algorithm is scanning a Facebook business page, it’s looking for the who, what, when and where of what you do. The algorithm looks for this information on the name of the page, keywords in the description, as well as the names of profile and header images. It also checks the Calls-to-Action.


Guest Bio- 

Karen Liz Albert, a Social Media consultant, speaker, author and seminar leader, is the owner/founder of Behind Your Curtain. Karen has 20+ years experience in marketing, consulting and professional training and has successfully used her Social Media expertise to launch targeted Social Media marketing campaigns for business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve tangible marketing results by strategically promoting brand awareness and increasing customers.


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