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Dec 1, 2020

Through all the content we create and post online, our primary goal should be to build brand awareness. But we should also position ourselves as assets to our community by constantly providing value. 


Delivering value through content sets us apart and allows us to digitally dominate the real estate communities we want to buy and sell in. 


When we position ourselves as marketing all-stars, we become top of mind and show people that we’ll work hard at selling and marketing their home.


What simple system have I put in place to provide value and generate leads through Facebook Live? How do we leverage the value of being virtual? How did I pivot during this time to bring more value, create passive income and continue to learn and grow my business? 


On Day 6 of the Social Selling Journal Challenge, I share how we can make our social media marketing more impactful, and some of the biggest lessons I learned this year. 


Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- Referrals are the most underutilized earning stream in real estate and one of the best ways to create passive income for ourselves. We don’t have to service everyone in our markets, but we can still have market share by earning money through referrals. 


- It’s critical to create landing pages if you want to generate leads. They allow us to capture contact information and send people something of value in exchange. 


- Automation is at the beginning of all online real estate lead generation. If we don’t learn how to use lead generation tools, we won’t be able to remain relevant.


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