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Social Selling Made Simple with Marki is the place for REALTORS® to learn how to use social media and tech, so you can sell more homes and help more people.

Each week you'll hear real conversations with industry leaders, successful agents, coaches and social media experts, who break down their best strategies to attract clients online.

Nov 28, 2023

In order to build a six-figure business, we must add 2880 contacts to our CRM every year, but that’s impossible without a strategic daily practice to connect with people.

With the 8x8 daily planner, it’s easy to create the habit of building relationships and become top of mind with the people in your sphere.

How do...

Nov 14, 2023

In a tight inventory market, we can’t leave our lead conversion to chance. Agents need to do two key things to win listings. We need to be first to respond to a lead and, more importantly, respond with outstanding presentations and marketing materials. The leads we generate are gold. Sending a basic email with...

Oct 31, 2023

If you have a job that requires you to sell, the secret to success is to not sell at all.


The real value lies in becoming the first person the consumer thinks of when the problem we solve comes up. Creating consistent, quality content is how we accomplish that. A lack of time is the typical excuse, but we do have time...

Oct 17, 2023

As real estate agents using social media to expand our reach, we’re basically choosing to be public figures, and as our profiles rise, we might have to shift our expectation of privacy.


We are our own broadcasters in the name of real estate, and that means more recognition out in the world. The question is, how do...

Oct 3, 2023

Since ChatGPT hit the streets, nothing has been the same, and we’re only just starting to scratch the surface of what it can do for our industry. But a piece of technology is only as powerful as how we use it, and AI is no different. 


There are things we can do to make the content ChatGPT produces better. How do we...