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Feb 11, 2020

Social media is packed with real estate agents and because it’s so saturated, providing a generic message won’t set us apart. We have to be authentic and differentiate ourselves based on the things that make us unique. How do we set ourselves apart and dominate our local markets? What are the opportunities we can create with content that excites our local market and communities? In this episode, I’m joined by agent and “Digital Mayor of Auburn, Alabama”, Amy. B. Cotney, as she shares how she created a powerful, authentic and community focused brand.


3 Takeaways

You never want people to wonder what you do for a living, you want them to be aware that you know about your market. 

If your local business doesn’t have an online presence, people will not organically discover your content about that business, and be drawn into your world.

If we become experts of our local markets, there’s an opportunity for us to dominate relocation business using social media. Many people from other parts of the country can be introduced to the local area through our content. 


Guest Bio- 

Amy is a real estate agent, who is also known as ‘The Digital Mayor’ of Auburn, Alabama. She is also a podcast co-host. 

For more information, visit, and follow 

@sweethomeauburnal on social media. 

Look for her podcast Between Two Amys on your favorite podcast platform.