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Nov 5, 2019

Sales technique, lead generation and client development aren’t skills we automatically gain as soon as we get licensed. We have to work daily at mastering these skills, as they determine how successful we will be in business. What is the first step we have to take in order to set the tone for a successful real estate career? How do we develop habits that support successful growth? How do we improve our lead generation game?

On this episode, I’m joined by National Sales Director Joe Sesso, a real estate investor and bestselling author of Secrets of Top Selling Agents: The Keys To Real Estate Success Revealed. We discuss how to set ourselves up for success in sales, and the lessons he learned from the real estate veterans who contributed to his book.


3 Takeaways

  • Goal setting is a fundamental part of growing our business. In real estate terms, it provides an understanding of the number of homes we need to sell and the best price points for those properties. 
  • When it comes to lead generation, most agents default to strategies employed by top producers and managing brokers. However, if the top producers or brokers have developed bad habits, these will have a greater overall effect on agents with less turnover. 
  • We give up on qualified leads too early. Develop a strategy of follow up and follow through to stay current with your prospects and potentially resurrect dead leads.

Mastering both marketing and sales is essential if we want to go far in the real estate business. A major part of sales success is setting and maintaining focused goals. The goals we set affect the actions we take and in order for our goals to translate into results, we have to review them on a constant basis. Once our sales process starts producing results, it sets a positive tone for our overall business.