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May 31, 2022

Before the digital age, agents marketed themselves through channels like bus benches and billboards. Though they worked at the time, these marketing methods just can’t compete with the global reach of social media. 


Social media is non-negotiable in today’s real estate game, but so many real estate professionals haven’t even begun to utilize it effectively. 


What do we need to be doing right now to leverage social media? How do we treat social media as more than a digital billboard? 


In this episode, we’re joined by CEO and founder of HomeSync, Albert Leao. He shares how to play the social media game at a high level.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- How to make content for millennials 

What do we need to be doing to appeal to millennials, who now represent 40% of the real estate market?


- The kind of content that does well on social media platforms 

How do we create stunning real estate visuals on TikTok? 


- Why we need to be first to try out new social media features 

How do we use new social media innovations and features to our advantage?



Guest Bio 


Albert Leao is the CEO and founder of HomeSync, a web based social media management company homesync. Homesync is a leading solution for small businesses and solopreneurs to market themselves on social media platforms. 

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