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Jun 29, 2021

The status quo in real estate dictates that agents get leads, and LOs have to ask, compete, and cold call for that business - but what if you could flip that and create the ultimate win-win by partnering up? 


Agents and LOs are perfectly positioned to differentiate themselves, dominate the marketplace, generate better leads and close more deals when they WORK TOGETHER.


What are some of the bigger opportunities agents and LOs can capture through collaboration? Why are systems the key to success in marketing? 


In this episode, marketing expert and CEO of Paragon Digital Marketing, Luke Shankula talks about the power of “Agent-LO” partnerships and how to create value for both sides of the relationship.

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


-How to build a recognizable brand in your market 

In a highly competitive market, we need to use marketing to stay in front of people. What quick, easy and highly affordable ad campaign can we run to maximize our reach? 


-The power of differentiating yourself from the average LO

How can loan officers separate themselves from the average cold calling agent by providing value and consistently delivering what agents really want? 


-Why systems and automation are critical to our success

When it comes to systems, real estate agents have a low adoption and utilization problem, and we’re leaving money on the table because of it. What systems should we invest in if we want to get better marketing results?