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Dec 15, 2020

If we want to be more effective at marketing and social selling, we have to get better at leveraging the devices in the palms of our hands. We have to approach everything we do from the angle of finding solutions. Every pain point in our business and our marketing is an opportunity to learn something that can make us better. 


When the lockdown happened back in March, I set goals for what I wanted to achieve to keep growing my business. Instead of seeing the lockdown as a problem, I then set out to learn, find the solutions, and gather resources to help me achieve those goals. This helped me launch ancillary businesses and even a new book!


In the last episode of the Social Selling Challenge, I talk about the importance of focusing on solutions, ways to boost our marketing, and some great resources we should be implementing in our businesses. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- We are in a competitive business but we have to collaborate to get deals done. The more knowledge we share with each other, the better our transactions will be, and the better we become at serving the consumer.  


- If we’re trying to get into a new marketplace or get back in the game, one way we can get free exposure is by joining our local chamber of commerce and attending the events. 


- We all have problems and pain points in our businesses, but it’s critical for us to focus on the solutions. By learning to search effectively on Google and YouTube, we can get solutions faster.


Resources Mentioned


Google Power Search Course 

Hubspot Certification 

Hootsuite Academy 


Six Figure Self-Publishing Secrets 

Thinkific $1 Million Entrepreneur Growth Fund