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Nov 2, 2021

As an independent broker operating in a market dominated by the Zillows of the world, it can feel like we’re going to be driven out of business at any second. The truth is, we can still own a slice of the market without the big budgets of well-known brands, if we focus on the advantages we have over them. 


How do we use marketing to make sure people know us and want to hire us? How do we deal with the loneliness and burnout that often comes with real estate? Why do we need to stop agonizing over the things we can’t control? 


In this episode, I’m joined by New Jersey real estate broker, LaNa Jones-Jules. We talk about some of the mindset challenges we face as Realtors, and how to navigate them effortlessly. 

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode 


- How to keep the best talent in your brokerage

What’s the difference between retaining agents and keeping them? 


- One sign that you need to beef up your marketing

Are you consistently marketing and adding value so that people never question what it is that you do? 


- How to make peace with what we can’t change in business 

Everyone needs a pay-them-no-mind list for the things we can’t control. How do we build one for business?

Guest Bio- 


LaNa Jones Jules is the Broker of Record for Jules Realty, Inc., a family owned, Newark, NJ based real estate boutique. Jules has been working as a New Jersey licensed real estate sales professional since 2004. She enjoys working with first time home buyers particularly people who are relocating from the NYC metro area to the suburbs as she made that same move from Brooklyn, NY to Essex County, NJ after she married. Having grown up in a military family she understands the pressure on all family members when it comes to relocating. 


Prior to working in real estate, LaNa worked in the entertainment industry for several years and has extensive experience working closely with clients who require unique, discreet, specialized attention. She is a hardworking and dedicated leader who is passionate about helping her clients achieve their real estate goals. Whether you are a first time home seller or buyer, landlord, investor or anyone in between, Jules has the patience and skills to assist you.

For more information visit and follow @ljjules on Instagram and Facebook.